Spectral CO2 lasers

Spectral CO2 lasers

Spectral CO2 lasers, the European laser with excellent beam quality.

Spectral products are used worldwide as OEM components used in medical therapy equipment, skin renewal, as well as industrial machines for cutting, engraving, drilling and marking of non-metallic materials.

The innovative "hybrid design of glass and metal" has been conceived, enabling high efficiency, long life and even air cooling.

In addition, the lasers are very suitable as an upgrade and replacement source for systems with Chinese units.

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  1. CO2 Laser, 14 Watt, Air Cooled

    CTM 300
  2. CO2 Laser, 45 Watt ,Water Cooled

    CTSM 500
  3. CO2 Laser, 70 Watt, Water Cooled

    CTS 1000
  4. CO2 Laser, 80 Watt, Water Cooled

    CTS 1100
  5. CO2 Laser, 100 Watt, Water Cooled

    CTS 1200
  6. CO2 Laser, 120 Watt, Water Cooled

    CTS 1300
  7. Power Supply for CTM 300

  8. Power Supply for CTSM 500

  9. Power Supply for CTS 1000 -CTS 1100

  10. Power Supply for CTS 1200, CTS 1300

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