About us

Laser 2000 once started with 2 people working from the attic. Now we are leading distributor for lasers, machines, instruments and components. In short; a Photonics specialist.

About Laser 2000

Laser 2000’s mission is to provide leading technologies in photonics. For lasers and related products, you are at the right address. Laser 2000 represents about 50 well known ánd new brands in this area. Together with our customers, we select the right product for the application. But we offer móre than products; we offer our deep t echnical background and product knowledge too. We are able to think along with customers and provide solutions that help the customer solve his question.

Knowledge and Experience

Laser 2000 people can explain you how to use and maintain the products. We can do that, because we are trained ourselves. This is the only way, to advise customers about the (im-)possibilities. We can speak from experience!


We like to tell you about our products. Both the advantages and the downsides for your particular application. Also we like to offer you a choice, such that you can make your own decisions. Whenever you want. That is why we are opening our webshop; you can select and order what you want and when you want. Do you prefer live contact and advise? Call us “from 9 to 5”. Our people would love to help you further.

Our suppliers in the webshop:

Universal Laser Systems

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